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Use COVID-19 Grants to Speed Up Automation of Your Business

Are you looking for assistance to survive a coronavirus recession or to gain a competitive advantage or both? The quickest way to achieve that is through automation technologies.


You may be eligible for 100% funding (of up to $5,000 plus GST) to access professional advice and services from the government COVID-19 Funding.


The funds are administered through the Regional Business Partner Network. To qualify, your business must employ fewer than 100 full time equivalent employees, have a NZ Business Number, be GST registered in NZ and operating in a commercial environment.


To check how the fund works and understand all the criteria, please click HERE.


As Forbes magazine pointed out recently, Coronavirus is forcing companies to speed up automation, for better and for worse. Do not be left behind. Talk to us about how we can help you to turn what could be the biggest economic disaster in a generation into a great opportunity.


We are a registered provider of services under both the COVID-19 Business Advisory and COVID-19 Support categories. These categories are very wide-ranging but the final decision of whether any project or service is eligible is made only by RBP Growth Advisors.


If you have any enquiries, please complete the contact form on the right. We will guide you through the process. 


We will guide you through.

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