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Houston CRM

The way to grow your business with ease

HoustonCRM is design to go beyond just sales/marketing. It assists with improving every other department in the business as well. HoustonCRM is integrated with your Outlook email system, and can be linked to most other systems like your accounting system and website. It's a highly flexible/customisable package with local support.

HoustonCRM is not just a CRM, it's an integrated database, enabling the one truth and improving productivity in adding/changes to data, and retrieving data. 

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Why Houston CRM?


Very wide, encompassing sales and marketing, finance & insurance, servicing, parts and any other department.


Extremely customisable. HoustonCRM is written in Apple FileMaker which is a software development platform used by millions of users to do database development work of all sorts

Cost of development

Because the program is written in Apple FileMaker which is an extremely flexible and rapid development platform, development is both quick and cost-effective 


Houston CRM is completely flexible

Local Support

The resources for supporting HoustonCRM in NZ are abundant and high level.

Ease of use

High, made easier because we can customise the software to the user's exact needs


“The CRM journey for Nicholson has added real value to our business” 


—  Ross Nicholson, Sales Director, Nicholson Autos

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