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Why you should not rush out for a Covid-19 contact tracing app?

We are staring at the strong probability of New Zealand entering Level 2 as early as Thursday. For almost all businesses, there will be a requirement for some form of contact tracing. Unfortunately, the government has not been very explicit about what that contact tracing will look like. Mention of QR codes had been made many times. There was talk of a mobile app to be released soon.

Unfortunately, the standards for the QR code as well as the structure of the APIs (the connector software that allows third-party apps to send data to the secure MoH database) have not yet been published by the MoH. Without that information, no app developer can complete development and the MoH cannot even commence the process of certifying the compliance of any app.


What is Quickr?


Quickr is an application that will meet the COVID-19 and Health and Safety standards. It is a complete system for COVID-19 contact tracing and Business Visitor Registration. it will be released withint the next 4-6 weeks. This is timed to allow the MoH to properly publish their COVID-19 data standards.


An easy-to-use, totally contactless Visitors Registration System

Staff in-out board

It will act as a staff in-out board.

Secure Data

It will have data stored securely in Microsoft Azure or the MoH repository depending on which data it is

No specialised hardware

It will not require any specialised hardware. The only hardware is the visitors' smart phones

Visitor ID badges

It print visitor ID badges if required


it can be customised to meet the specific requirements of their industry


It can automatically notify the host when the visitor arrives 

Business insights

It can integrate with Microsoft Power BI to produce business insights.

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